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Jomar Marketing

Jomar Marketing




REP: Joyce Nilsson

9504 Greyson Hghts Drive
Charlotte, NC 28277


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About Jomar Marketing

Like any young girl, I dreamed of a career in fashion. I dressed up, accessorized, and even ran a ‘pretend’ business with the neighborhood girls where I would advise them on their outfits. This passion fueled my desire to learn the business. After graduating from the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising (a fashion institute in New York City), I launched my career as a children's buyer in Gimbe...l's in NYC.

As I continued to grow and flourish in the retail business, I was exposed to all different aspects of the buying, visual merchandising, and sales process. I worked a number of different regions as my husband’s job took us from the Northeast, Midwest, and finally down South. This exposure afforded me the opportunity to learn the different trends of each part of the country. In addition, I also held various management positions for most of the major department store chains. The most influential of which was Saks Fifth Avenue, where my title was Department Manager of Designer Women’s Wear.

After starting a family, I found out quickly it was not in my nature to just ‘sit still’. That is when I discovered and started a business on the wholesale end. Like any small business, it started off slow… but grew quickly, along with my kids! My first endeavor was with a manufacturer in which I was solely responsible for sales and marketing (and to think, this was all done from my dining room table!). That was twenty three years ago, so you could say I’ve come a long way J...and loved every minute of it!

Jomar for Mim-pi Ibiza


My years in retail were the hardest and most rewarding years of my career. It afforded me the opportunity to learn both sides of the business; especially now being in the wholesale industry. I am fortunate to now have a unique perspective and knowledge base to share with my customers.

And I’m proud to say, the proof is in the pudding! Our clients and stores are constantly praising us that our showroom reflects the trends and styles their customers are searching for. My manufacturers know I am a serious professional and am surrounded by a staff that cares about the customer and knows the lines exceptionally well.

Our showroom reflects our mantra:

THE Look…THIS is where it’s at!


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